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My EndoVision

With introduction of microscope to my practice a revolution of the mindset took place, it brought a feeling of control, an inspiration to create quality product. It created a need to reassess previously used protocols and principles, what used to be impossible became possible. Treatment of severe periodontist became possible just in one visit, which became a norm, but not an exception. It also created tension with old-school doctors. However, the time has passed and progressive approach won the hearts and minds of the clinicians. Well-known Gary Karr said: “You can cure only what you can see.” Working with microscope daily since 2009 I’m in full support of his statement.

Prosthetic Care and Articulation

Production of orthopedic constructions in articulator –
true benefit to the patient:
  • Allows you to receive ceramic dental crown in only 2 visits
  • Dental crown has preciseness of 8 microns – as thin as human hair
  • Your dental crown as unique as your fingerprint

and periodontal treatment


  • Identification of PSR index
  • Population of the
    periodontal card
  • X-ray and CT reading


  • Hygiene lesson
  • Patient motivation
    for sustainable hygiene of mouth cavity


  • Separate diagnosis of each
    tooth, design of treatment plan
    and probability success rate for problematic cases
  • Scaling
  • Air Flow
  • Systemic cleaning and polishing
  • Ozone therapy
  • Vector therapy
  • Plasmolifting


  • We give 3-year warranty for implants and additional 50% discount for the following 2 years
  • Implantation procedure lasts 45 minutes
  • 97.6% Osseointegration success rate
  • Major counter indication for implantation only the lack of your desire

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